Why Netflix is Even Better than a Boyfriend ...


Why Netflix is Even Better than a Boyfriend ...
Why Netflix is Even Better than a Boyfriend ...

If you're single, don't be embarrassed about it, even for a second! After all, single life is the best! It gives you plenty of free time to watch your favorite characters on Netflix. In fact, your relationship with your favorite television show is a lot like your relationship with a man would be. At least, that's what College Humor claims. If you don't believe them, check out this funny cartoon that they've created that compares your favorite TV show to your relationship:
What's your favorite television show of all time? Is your relationship with it similar to the way this cartoon portrays it.

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So funny

Netflix is not that good! Lol

Nothing can be better than boyfriend!!

Hilarious haha

Haha! Great analogy! :P

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