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11 Weirdest Crimes Committed You Won't Even Imagine ...

By Vladlena

It’s a simple fact that people do unpredictable things but some of them actually take things to a whole another level and make history in the weirdest crimes committed. You would be surprised what people do and how ridiculous it sounds when reported in the news. Just take a look at this list of 11 weirdest crimes committed!

1 Man Attacks Girlfriend with a Banana

Phillip Joseph Smolinsky, 36 was arrested in Florida for attacking his girlfriend with a banana. Due to this fruit fight and resistance to the arrest, he was charged for domestic violence. His girlfriend claimed that he had thrown a banana at her but when questioned himself, he said that she threw the banana at him. The evidence of the fight was found when a deputy spotted a banana in the garbage and peels on the ground at the scene. This is definitely one of the weirdest crimes committed!

2 Boy Punches His Grandma

An 11-year old boy was detained when he punched his grandmother for refusing to buy him a toy at the department store. The boy tried to land a second blow, but the grandmother managed to flee away from him. A witness called 911 and the Ohio police took the boy to the Montgomery County Juvenile Justice Center. While it is unknown whether the grandmother was seriously hurt, she claimed that she was afraid of her grandson.

3 Man Crashes into a Gas Station, Steals a Banana

It is not everyday that you see a man break into a gas station, steal a banana, casually finish eating it and drive away like nothing happened. The story of this brazen fruit thief made the news after he used his station wagon to ram through the locked glass doors of a gas station in Newington, CT. The thief didn’t steal anything besides a banana and didn’t try to conceal himself by wearing a mask. The police are still searching for this infamous fruit thief.

4 Man Punches Pizza Guy

When a Domino’s pizza deliveryman forgot to bring, 346 pound Robert Wheeler the garlic knots that he ordered along with his pizza, things didn’t go so well for him. Robert Wheeler allegedly punched the guy in the face for messing up his order. Nobody stands in a way between a man and his garlic knots!

5 Robber Found Snoozing at the Place He Robbed

Being a criminal is a tough job; at least that’s what Domonique Pinkard says! After robbing a house in Lady Lake, Florida and taking almost anything that he could steal along with his accomplice, Pinkard felt exhausted and decided to take a nap. When the owner of the house saw the sleeping thief on his couch, he quickly marched out and called the police. When asked why he needed to take a nap, Pinkard replied with ‘I’ve been working hard all day.’

6 Woman Enraged when Unable to Use a Coupon

After being informed that she could not use her coupon to get $1 off her purchase, Mary Alday, 61 slammed her shopping card into the worker and had to be escorted out of the store. She then pulled out her handgun from her car and waved it at the employees. The police then had to taser her in order to arrest her and she was charged with assault and battery.

7 Half-orangutan Man Wants More Monkey Blood

A man by the name of Mark Loescher was charged of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when he was found sitting in his car in front of Wells Fargo Bank. He was talking on the phone with the “Fusion Center” to get more monkey blood and claimed that he was half-orangutan. When approached by the police he claimed to be friends with George Bush and Elvis Presley.

8 Man Tries to Break into Jail

We've all heard our share of stories of people trying to break out of jail or prison and a handful of people actually succeed at breaking out. Well, James M. DeVore was so distraught after the passing of his mother that while he was drunk and high on marijuana he went to the local jailhouse in an attempt to try and get help. Since the staff wouldn't let DeVore in, he tried going in through the rear entrance and was even caught trying to climb a fence into the jail. He was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing but ironically enough he never made into a jail cell as he was taken to a sobriety center and placed in a mental health program.

9 Accidental Photobombing Gone Wrong

We all enjoy a good photobomb every now and then. They're fun to be a part of and fun to look at however, in this situation things weren't so funny for the crook. A family was visiting the Wisconsin State Capitol and placed their bags on the ground near them in order to take some selfies. A nearby wallet bandit decided to take advantage of the situation and stole a bag. Unbeknownst to him, his image was captured in the photos and the cops were hot on his trail.

10 Man Volunteers to Go to Jail to Get Away from Wife

Here's another case of a person wanting to go to jail! Anthony Miller of Pennsylvania decided to rob a local bank however, the tellers noticed that this was no ordinary bank robbery. Miller was calm, didn't threaten anyone and even stuck around after the tellers handed him the money. He also kept asking if the police were called and once they arrived he willingly went with them and didn't put up a fight. Turn out, Miller had an unloaded gun on him and the whole reason for the "robbery" was so he could go to prison and get away from his wife! Miller reported that his wife was abusive, controlling and threatened to commit suicide if he left so he felt this was his only option. In the end, Miller's wish was granted as he was sentenced to prison, but his wife filed for divorce.

11 Man Holds Spider Hostage

In other oddball news, Bryan P. Smith of Kansas held an acquaintance's pet spider hostage if he didn't get $100. Smith agreed to care for a pet spider and when the owner asked for the spider back, he threatened to kill the spider if the owner didn't shell out money in exchange for the spider's life. Smith also apparently threatened to shoot the spider's owner and once police were contacted and the investigation began, a stolen Siberian Husky was discovered as well as a 14-year old kid hiding in closet.

It is a crazy world we live in! Everything we never even thought of happening happens! Which crime were you shocked by the most?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington.

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