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44 Pictures of Pets at Christmas ... Simply Because ...

By Neecey

The presents are opened, your belly is full of Christmas dinner, you've hit the sherry or the Baileys and you're wondering what to do next, so spend the next few minutes regrouping and catching your breath by indulging in some great pics of pets at Christmas. I'm always in two minds about these things because pets aren't dolls and aren't there to play dress up, but I like to think their owners love them passionately and wouldn't do anything to hurt them. So for your delectation and enjoyment here's a wee album of Christmas pets.

1 Rusty the Christmas Cat

Rusty the Christmas CatVia Christmas Cat~
"Hey! What's all this yucky white stuff?" I don't care if you're taking photos of pets at Christmas. Let me back in."

2 DOG in HAT

DOG in HATVia A[mi]dorable Crochet: Dog Hat Pattern!
"Every blooming year she finds another stupid hat to humiliate me with."

3 Izzy's 1st Christmas Photo

Izzy's 1st Christmas PhotoVia Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures: Goodbye ...
"She'll soon be saying merry and bright if I bite through this cord! ^_^"

4 Feline Bobble

Feline BobbleVia Pets and Christmas Dangers | ...
"This pom pom is making me cross-eyed."

5 Dog Sled

Dog SledVia
"Let's make the most of this before we grow up and they have US dragging THEM around."

6 Canine Parade

Canine ParadeVia Healthy Pets Videos | How-Tos ...
"I'm not staying in my bed if that fat bloke in a red suit comes down the chimney again. You go for his ankles and you go for his knees and I'll go for the cookies!"

7 Cute Puppy

Cute PuppyVia Community Post: 30 Dogs Who ...
"Will I win the fancy dress competition this year? I'm a Christmas tree!"

8 A Right Pair

A Right PairVia How To Make a Christmas ...
"Yep! It's Christmas. At least this year it's only collars she's dressed us in."

9 Winter Wreath

Winter WreathVia Winter Dog Walking 101: Five ...
"Meh! How can you throw my ball if you're lugging that thing around?"

10 Dog Deer

Dog DeerVia Dog hat - REINDEER - ...
"OMG. I saw what happened to the last guy who wore antlers! His head is mounted on the wall. Let me out! Gerrem offa me!"

11 Winter Puppy

Winter PuppyVia Monday Favorites | Shop Trendy ...
"Ok. So I've got the hat. I've got the jumper. But where are my boots to keep my paws warm on the cold sidewalks?"

12 Deer Dog

Deer DogVia House of Squirrels 2013 Holiday ...
" No I DO NOT want to guide your sleigh tonight."

13 Adorable Puppy

Adorable PuppyVia 50 Cute Puppies I Adore ...
"Does this mean I get Christmas treats? I sat and posed just like you asked."

14 Gift Dog

Gift DogVia Community Post: 15 Reasons Why ...
"I am the best Christmas present ever. Now feed me."

15 Wrapped up Kitty

Wrapped up KittyVia 12 Cozy Pets Who Are ...
"Wake me up when Christmas is over!"

16 Big Dog

Big DogVia The Cutest Thing You’ll See ...
"I asked Santa for a dog. Not a horse!"

17 Bored Dogs

Bored DogsVia Community Post: 30 Dogs Who ...
"Stop yawning! They haven't finished the pics for the holiday card yet. The sooner it's over and done with, the sooner we can get this crap off."

18 Dog Who Brought Shame upon the Holidays

Dog Who Brought Shame upon the HolidaysVia 31 Blockhead Dogs Who Ruined ...
"Well it was fun while it lasted!"

19 The Frenchie Who Thinks HE’s a Reindeer. Not!

The Frenchie Who Thinks HE’s a Reindeer. Not!Via 50 Adorable Reasons That 2013 ...
"How many times do I have to tell you I am a B U L L D O G? Bulldog!"

20 Sweater Dog

Sweater DogVia Christmas Trees pattern by My ...
"I'm dying for a pee but I'm not going outside in this sweater. No way."

21 Lab Puppy in a Stocking!

Lab Puppy in a Stocking!Via Adorable Pets In Stockings!
"Yes. I agree. I am cuter than cute."

22 So Cute

So CuteVia 8 Ways To Make Holidays ...
"Bah humbug!"

23 Letter to Santa

Letter to SantaVia 15 Christmas Critters To Warm ...
"Dear Santa ..."

24 Christmas Shepherd

Christmas ShepherdVia Breedism Is BS: Meet 11 ...
"I'm so cool, I can wear anything and look good."

25 Christmas Kiss

Christmas KissVia Pucker up!
"Pucker up!"

26 River's Christmas Tree

River's Christmas TreeVia 18 - Christmas Pet Photo ...
"Well, you said fetch!"

27 Hungry Pooch

Hungry PoochVia Christmas survival guide: Pets
"I wish she'd stop wrapping presents and feed me."

28 Adorable Golden Retriever

Adorable Golden RetrieverVia Happy Weekend!
"Hey! I think I look great."

29 Christmas Pooch

Christmas PoochVia 12 Dog (Photos) Of Christmas ...
"Every year I think she outdoes herself. And every year it gets more worrisome..."

30 Dashing Dax

Dashing DaxVia Community Post: 30 Dogs Who ...
"I'm ready for my close up."

31 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Let Sleeping Dogs LieVia Community Post: 28 Pictures Of ...
"I don't know what all the fuss is about."

32 Christmas Duck

Christmas DuckVia Bepa's Garden: The morning walk ...
"If it weren't for my orange bits, they'd never find me in this snow."

33 White French Bulldogs

White French BulldogsVia White French Bulldogs Premium Poster ...
"Pull harder. Take it. I don't want it."

34 Holiday Cat Collar

Holiday Cat CollarVia Holiday Cat Collar Crochet Pattern ...
"Well it beats my flea collar any day."

35 This Pup Brightens up the World

This Pup Brightens up the WorldVia Cute, Stylish, Funny, Awesome Puppies
"If I keep this pleading look on my face long enough will she take these blasted lights off me?"

36 Olde Worlde Dog

Olde Worlde DogVia Christmas Caroler Dog Cat Pet ...
"What the Dickens?..."

37 Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!Via thank Dog.
"I got off lightly with just a hat. You should see the neighbor’s dog ... tee hee."

38 Reindeer

ReindeerVia 270708627571150469_I3H8jsHZ_c
"Please don't lend me out to Rent-a-Reindeer ever again. I've been working all night long and been around the world and back."

39 Snow Bunny

Snow BunnyVia So adorable.. : (via Welcome ...
"Oi! Where's my ugly Christmas sweater? It's blimming freezing out here!"

40 Doggy Wreath

Doggy WreathVia Photo Ideas
"Really?!? Is this all your feeble imagination can come up with? I'm man's best friend. I'm a loving companion. I'm the best looking dog on the block. I deserve so much more..."

41 XMAS Westies

XMAS WestiesVia So DogGone Funny!
"We're free to a loving home. But remember. A dog is for life, not just for Christmas."

42 Fluffy Pooch

Fluffy PoochVia Keeping Your Pets Safe At ...
"Can you see where my fur ends and the hat begins?"

43 Take a Bow

Take a BowVia Browsing for Holiday Gifts Online
"Yes, thank you! I know how to pose."

44 Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!Via Yahoo - login
"My owner took me to the vet. He said it was a classic case of tinselitis!"

Merry Christmas to pets everywhere!

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