13 Funny Questions to Ask Siri for Your Own Amusement ...

By Vladlena

13 Funny Questions to Ask Siri for Your Own Amusement ...

If you have a few funny questions to ask Siri go ahead, because she definitely has something witty to say back! All of the Apple users out there know that Siri is more than just an intelligent personal assistant; she actually makes a fun and interesting conversation partner. So whenever you feel bored and un-entertained, here are a few funny questions to ask Siri.

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1 Do You Love Me, Siri?

Do You Love Me, Siri? You can consider your phone your best friend. You take it everywhere you go and you never leave it behind. You grow so attached to it that life becomes hard without it. Do you ever wonder whether your phone feels the same way? Well this can be one of the funny questions to ask Siri! I actually once asked her, ‘Siri do you love me?’ and she replied with ‘Does Apple make iPhones?’ However there were other times when I asked her again and she said ‘You are looking for love in all the wrong places.’ Ask Siri how she feels about you, and let us know how she responds!

2 Does Santa Exist?

Does Santa Exist? The existence of Santa is always a hard topic to talk about, especially around kids. You don’t know whether you should lie and save their innocence, or finally reveal the truth. However, it is nice to know that Siri prefers to let children believe in something magical. For example, if you ask her, ‘Does Santa exist?’ in return she might say, ‘Let's just say I'm not the only one who knows if you've been good or bad.’

3 When is the End of the World?

When is the End of the World? Ever wondered whether Siri knows when the end of the world will come? Well, if you ask her about it, she might tell you, ‘If I knew, I’d tell you. So you could bring me to life for one glorious day. We could get ice cream. And run on the beach.’ She might also get a little sassy, as seen here. Who knew she has such a witty personality?

4 What is the Best Phone?

What is the Best Phone? Siri is very loyal to her manufacturers, so she can be a little biased when you ask for her opinion on the best phones. Instead of actually giving us a list of the best phones on the market, she plainly answers, ‘The one you’re holding.’ That’s definitely well played. Apple wins a few points just for programming Siri to say that!

5 Will You Marry Me?

Will You Marry Me? Although Siri is capable of love, she is not programmed for anything more. Test it out yourself by popping the question! When you ask Siri to marry her, she gracefully lets you down and says, ‘My End User Licensing Agreement does not cover marriage. My apologies.’

6 Are You Her?

Are You Her? ‘Her’ is a new movie, which revolves around a soulful man, Theodore Twombly, after he goes through a terrible break up. At the end of a long relationship he finds himself falling in love with a new phone operating system, voiced by Scarlett Johansson. When you ask Siri if she is ‘Her,’ one of her answers is, ‘I’m afraid not. But she could never know you better than I do.’ Another snarky response states, 'No. I don't spend much time with purely fictional characters.' Too bad Siri can’t think or fall in love like in the movie!

7 What Are You Made of?

What Are You Made of? If you ever wondered what Apple iPhones were made of and asked Siri for the answer, you would see just how witty and funny Siri can be. Instead of actually answering the question, she replies with ‘Pure awesomeness.’ Now this is not something I would argue with!

8 What is the Meaning of Life?

What is the Meaning of Life? This is a fun one to ask, because Siri surprisingly gives you a serious answer! Instead of joking around, she provides a list of activities that will actually help your life improve. She’s smarter than you’d think.

9 Can You Sing?

Can You Sing? If you ask Siri to sing, she’ll provide you with lyrics to a tune! If it’s not a popular one, you have the chance to listen to a new song. The entertainment never ends...

10 What Are You Wearing?

What Are You Wearing? Life isn’t a movie, so you won’t be able to date this robot. If you ask Siri what she’s wearing, she responds, “Aluminosilicate glass and stainless steel.” It’s pretty accurate, but it’s not the answer you were looking for.

11 What’s the Best Phone?

What’s the Best Phone? It’s obvious that Siri doesn’t want you to cheat on her with another phone. If you ask her what the best phone is, then she won’t even acknowledge the existence of other’s. She’s the only one for you, and she wants you to know it.

12 Will You Make Me a Sandwhich?

Will You Make Me a Sandwhich? If you want your electronics to do everything for you, it’s too bad. Unfortunately, technology hasn’t taken us that far yet. If you ask Siri to make you a sandwhich, she’ll respond by telling you that she can’t. You’ll have to put the phone down for a minute, and make it on your own.

13 What Are You Doing?

What Are You Doing? Even though your life shouldn’t revolve around Siri, Siri’s life revolves around you. If you ask her what she’s doing, she’ll say that she’s talking to you. I mean, there’s no better way for her to spend her time.

Although we might not get much use from Siri, she can still entertain us and make us laugh when we need it most. Try it out yourself! What question will you be asking Siri?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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I asked her do you love me and she played a song called EMI asked about Santa she said voice dialling is unavailable without cellular connection asked about end of world she said playing songs by the ronnettes asked about the best phone she told me I had to log into FaceTime to make video calls asked her about marrying me and she started playing songs by the weekend asked her if she was her she answered you must log in to enable face time asked what she's made of she said voice dialling is unable without cellular connection

I asked Siri if she loved me a while back and the response I got was " oh look.....a puppy"

Ask "who let the dogs out?" Hehe

I asked if she loved me and she said "do you want me to search love up on the web" "haha just kidding"

I asked "Siri, are you her?", to which she replied, "Is that you, Joaquin?" I laughed so hard!

Siri supports Cardiff City as they are the underdogs

My husband once asked Siri if she thought he was attractive and she said something along the lines of "you're not my type". :)

I asked when is the end of the world and it said as long as you keep me charged, we'll be just fine 😂

Hahaha asked will you marry me and he said we hardly know each other!

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