How Email Can Drive You Crazy. Stupid. Angry ...


What did we do before email? If you were born when email was commonplace you probably can’t imagine a world without it. But as useful as it is and as much as we love it, it can also drive us nutso. How? Like this!

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Sender Panic

Sender Panic We’ve all been there. You send a bitchy email to a colleague at work about another colleague, and then you go in to a heavy, sweaty panic because you can’t remember if you accidently send it to the wrong person! (just check after you start breathing again!)


Caught out!

Caught out! Even worse than the sheer thought of sending it to the wrong person, is the rare occasion that you actually DO send the bitchy email to the person you are complaining about. Run, give your notice immediately!


‘Urgent’ Emails

‘Urgent’ Emails Nothing more annoying during your day than receiving an email that is marked as urgent in the subject line that is actually only about something stupid like lunch options.


Overly Familiar

Overly Familiar You have only just started communicating with this person for work and in the third email they start with a ‘Hi hun!’. Calm down, we are all professionals; let’s keep it that way!


Reminder Email

Reminder Email You receive an email that you would rather ignore but it’s impossible to do that because they keep sending ‘check up’ messages until you reply!


Settings Changes

Settings Changes When your email host of choice decides to upgrade its interface and you have to spend 30 minutes of your day working out where all the new buttons are and what they do.


Snooping Worry

Snooping Worry The constant anxiety that your employers are monitoring every single email that you send and receive at the office during the day. Did they see that you spent a good 45 minutes writing a complaint email to your local gym?


Endless Reply Alls

Endless Reply Alls Everybody hates getting stuck in a world of endless notifications when a group email gets replied to a thousand times and nobody remembers to only send back to the original writer!


All the Waiting

All the Waiting It’s a low moment when your email life forces you to sit there and refresh like a maniac when you are waiting for the one important email of the day!


Forgetting to Attach

Forgetting to Attach There is nothing more soul crushing that composing a really great, informative email to a colleague or boss, clicking send, and then realizing you have forgotten to attach the important documents.


No Autocomplete

No Autocomplete When your email host refuses to autocomplete an email address for you, even though you have used it 20 times a day for the last 2 years!


‘Touch Base’

‘Touch Base’ There is something inherently annoying about clichéd work phrases and corporate buzz words being thrown in to emails: things like ‘let’s touch base’ are just the worst.


Out of Office Reply

Out of Office Reply Oh, great, so I’m sat here working really hard and you have gone on holiday to the sunshine for two weeks? AWESOME HAVE A GREAT TIME!


Losing the Unread Battle

Losing the Unread Battle Ideally we would all like to have a nice, completely organized email inbox, but when the unread start to creep upwards of 500, you know you’re in trouble.


Bitchy CCs

Bitchy CCs The CC is the original subtweet. It allows somebody to complain about you to your boss and actually include you in the email without ever having to address you directly!


More Jargon

More Jargon Meaningless jargon like ‘circling back’, ‘looping in’, ‘reaching out’. Just talk to me like a normal person!



Abbreviations You don’t need to compose an email like it’s a text message from the early 2000s. We’re not being charged by the letter here, be mature about it!


Personal Email Shame

Personal Email Shame That crushing moment when somebody needs your personal email address and you have to say out loud


Annoying Typos

Annoying Typos That moment when you have sent a really long and important email to your boss and upon reading it back, realize there are upwards of ten cringe-worthy typos.


‘That Guy’

‘That Guy’ We have all worked with ‘that guy’ - the guy who sends you an email and then walks straight over to your desk to ask if you have read it!




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