Depression Memes That Are so True They're Funny ...

By Laura

Depression Memes That Are so True They're Funny ...

Let me start by saying: Depression isn't a laughing matter! It's a serious illness that affects many people and sometimes has extremely sad outcomes.

That being said, there are those times we all feel depressed-maybe not clinically-but we need a little pickmeup. These memes about depression are so true they almost become funny. Let's take a look at some memes to help boost our spirits today!


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Face, Skin, Nose, Facial expression, Chin,


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Cartoon, Text, Line, Fictional character,


Face, Text, Font, Photo caption, Nose,


Cartoon, Games, Animation, Photo caption, Room,


Text, Photo caption, Human, Hand, Photography,


Cartoon, Organism, Adaptation,


Cartoon, Organism, Grass, Adaptation, Animation,


Text, Face, Font, Head, Nose,


Alcohol, Drink, Organism, Photo caption, Liqueur,


Green, Text, Organism, Font, Eye,


Face, Text, Green, Head, Jaw,


Cartoon, Text, Organism, Comics, Humour,


Animated cartoon, Cartoon, Animation, Fiction,


Cartoon, Text, Line, Organism, Fictional character,


Photo caption, Animation, Smile,


Grass, Lawn, Text, Tree, Adaptation,




Facial expression, Photo caption, Product, Vehicle door, Photography,


Text, Human, Photo caption, Smile, Photography,


T-shirt, Text, Grass, Photo caption, Player,


Text, Font, Line, Product, Organism,


Facial expression, Text, Cartoon, Yellow, Organism,


Cartoon, Text, Nose, Cheek, Line,


Text, Line, Organism, Font, Rectangle,


Text, Mode of transport, Font, Photo caption, Advertising,


Text, Line, Font, Pink, Purple,


Land vehicle, Vehicle, Car, Transport, Mode of transport,


Product, Text, Organism, Line, Human,

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