7 Stupid Things We've All Done when Crushing on Someone ...


It's normal to act insane when crushing on someone. Boys can be confusing, so you don't know if your feelings are being wasted or if they're going to pay off in the end. Although love is a beautiful emotion, it sure can drive us crazy. Here are some of the most ridiculous things we've all done when crushing on someone:

1. Stalking His Social Media

You'll check his Facebook page every single day in order to see if his relationship status changed. If he has an Instagram or a Twitter or a Tumblr or a Google+ account, you'll check those as well. It doesn't matter if he rarely logs on, or if you're too terrified to add him as a friend. One of the silly things we do when crushing on someone is constantly check their social media sites in order to see if we can find some new information about them that will help us win them over.

Forcing Yourself to Be Interested in His Interests
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