The 9️⃣ BEST "Never Have I Ever" 🀐 Game Questions ❓❔ for Your Next Party Night πŸŽ‰ ...


If you don't already know, "Never Have I Ever" is a game where you take turns saying something that you've never done while holding ten fingers in the air. If the other players have actually done the activity that was mentioned, then they need to put one of their fingers down. Whoever stays in the game the longest, or whoever has the most fingers up by the time you get tired of playing, is the winner. If you love the game, but hate thinking up questions for it, here are some of the best questions to ask during a friendly game of "Never Have I Ever:"

1. ...Worn Handcuffs

This is a great question, because if your friends put their fingers down, it could mean two entirely different things. Either they've spent a night in jail that they never told you about, or they're kinkier in the bedroom than you thought they were.

...Used a Stupid Pickup Line
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