The Holiday Version of Sia's "chandelier" is the Funniest Thing You'll Watch Today ...


First off, kudos to this man for having absolutely NO shame in dancing around an IKEA store with a platinum blonde wig and Christmas lights draped around a black leotard. The music video for Sia's "Chandelier" has been parodied by pretty much everyone but now a couple of YouTube jokesters have managed to take it to the next level! The hilarious video starts off as a mock commercial about a couple who are shopping in the store but then quickly turns into a four minute video of prankster Scott Nelson showing off his best dance moves. It's pretty obvious that the IKEA workers were not in on it because he gets asked to stop multiple times! LOL. Watch here:

What'd you think of the holiday version of "Chandelier"?!

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Oh my gosh i loved this video

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