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7 Things to Avoid Saying during a First Date ...

By Holly

If you want the night to go well, there are specific things to avoid saying during a first date. You wouldn’t want to scare him off, now would you? You have to make a perfect first impression, if you want him to stick around for years to come. In order to appear desirable, remember the following things to avoid saying during a first date:

1 You Remind Me of My Ex

Is there any sweeter compliment? You’re telling him that he’s similar to the last guy you kicked to the curb. If you really want to make him happy, tell him every sappy story about your ex, and don’t forget any details. In all seriousness, talking about your ex is of the biggest things to avoid saying during a first date.

2 Let’s Get Hitched

If you’re looking for a husband, you have to get straight to the point. As soon as you sit down, tell him how many children you want. Then ask him a few questions: What baby names does he prefer? Where will the wedding take place? How much money will he have to shell out for your honeymoon? It’s all perfect first date conversation.

3 You Looked Hotter on Facebook

It’s not fair how much the camera can lie. If you’re on a blind date, you have to rely on pictures and a brief profile to tell you about the person you’re going out with. When he doesn’t look like the man you expected, it’s hard not to voice your disappointment. We all know looks are everything. You might as well leave as soon as you see him.

4 I Hope You Brought Enough Money

When you go on a date, you might as well take advantage of the free meal. Buy some lobster or a steak--whatever is the highest price. Even if you don’t like it, who cares? You’re not the one who has to pick up the check. If he tries to make you split it, just pretend to head to the ladies room, and take a cab home.

5 I Love You

You don’t have to mean it--you just have to say it. If you don’t, then he might think you don’t like him. You don’t want him to start questioning his behavior, do you? The only surefire way to let him know you’re on the same page is to tell him you love him. It’s not a first date until the words are said.

6 Here’s My Key

Always carry around an extra key to your apartment. You don't want to be rude. It's only polite to give your new friend an easy way into your house--and heart. If you're lucky, he'll return the favor by giving you your own set of keys--preferably to a car.

7 Don’t Call Me

If the date went poorly, let him know. There’s no sense in letting him be happy, when he clearly ruined the evening. Point out every flaw that he has, so that he doesn’t make the same mistakes again. He’ll thank you in the end. He knows you’re only doing it to help him.

The next time you're on a date, make sure to avoid saying something you'll regret. Has someone ever said something to you that made you run the other way?

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