7 Things to do Now That the Sochi Winter Olympics Are over ...


Here are 7 things to do now that the Sochi winter Olympics are over. This because I care for your well being... and because I will be utilizing most of them myself. So brace yourself, it might be rough at first, but follow the 7 things to do now that the Sochi Winter Olympics are over, and you too can go back to a "normal" life.

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Cry Hysterically

I know, I feel it too. The need to release that salty water from your eyes. It’s like a 2 week vacation coming to an end. And like any healthy recovery, the first of the things to do now that the Sochi Winter Olympics are over is to cry. You suddenly have nothing to talk to anyone about but... the weather. It’s okay, let it out.


Relive Every Minute by "Liking" All the Olympic Photos on Facebook

Yeah, they created a Facebook page just for us. And it is completely normal on that page, to obsessively like EVERYTHING on that page. I have done it. And in the process you can make international friends. Real friends. Not just people in the stands whom you pretend are your friends cheering with you while you watch on speed skating ... by yourself. And just think of all the wonderful replays of Ashley Wagner’s facial expressions you can watch over and over again.


Relive Every Moment All over Again through NBC’s Olympics Channel

This is actually a thing. When I first stumbled upon it after the Vancouver Olympics, I thought I may have had that condition you see in holiday movies where the main character wakes up to Christmas everyday. But it is indeed a channel, replaying every Olympics. If you are wondering just what channel it is, it’s the cable one that was playing the events live as they happened. Yes you do have to have cable to receive it. This might be your reason to get cable. You know, if Game of Thrones just wasn’t enough of a pull for you already.


Copy Your Favorite Beauty Looks from Your Favorite Athletes

Who doesn’t want Gracie Gold’s fabulous red lips?! Totally in style and right on the beauty pulse. Or the amazingly GORGE braids seen on the snowboarders? I’m looking at you Kaitlyn Farrington. If they can do their events in fabulous style, you can do your everyday life with the same pizzazz. Plus you can pretty much be assured that if their styles withstands all those Gs, it’ll last your little snow storm.


Take up a Hobby

Like I stated in #1, you no longer have anything to talk about with your co-workers (until Game of Thrones comes back in April). So now you’re going to need a hobby to occupy all that free time you suddenly had for about 2 weeks. Wine tasting is a cultural way to smother out your feelings of loss. Knitting is another. I for one like binge eating ice cream. That's a hobby right? Okay, I guess I’ll try the gym.


Adopt a Pet

Pets are great at helping to heal depression, and this is the perfect time to bring a little shelter buddy home to join your family. Hours of playing with your new family member will distract you from your Olympic hours not in front of the television. Plus you can get all those wonderful Sochi pet knickknacks on sale now. How cute would it be to have a little pup named Bode? Except I’ve already called that one. You can have... Evgeni. That’s a good one.


Go for the Gold Yourself!

That’s right! You heard me! Train for the next Olympics in South Korea! Go to teamusa.com and find a training facility in your area (or not depending on how devoted you are) and achieve your Olympic dreams. Why WATCH the Olympics when you can be IN them? I can see it now - you soaring through those Visa commercials.

So now hopefully I’ve prepared you for your after Sochi Olympic withdrawals. It’s a tough world out there kid, but follow these steps and we can get through the next four years together. So just in case I missed something, how are you surviving post-Olympic depression?

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Adopt a pet if you're serious about taking care of him or her and ready to keep them forever not just cause you're depressed about the Olympics being over

Are you serious....?

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