7 Things We Love about Labradors ...


7 Things We Love about Labradors ...
7 Things We Love about Labradors ...

As an adorer of all creatures canine and the owner of a yellow lab, I wanted to list the things we love about Labradors! I absolutely adore my dog and while I was away from home for about a month visiting my boyfriend, his black Labrador was an absolute comfort to have around to fill the dog-shaped hole in my heart. They are an excellent breed and there are so many things we love about labradors, this sweet, friendly, sporty dog!

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Loyal One of the things we love about Labradors is their incredible sense of loyalty. While they are friendly to almost anyone and everyone, labs are unfailingly devoted to their families. One time my sister and I had company over, a friend who was playfully pretending to smother my sister with a pillow. My sister jokingly cried out for help, but my dog took the situation seriously, started to aggressively bark, and was more than ready to get involved if my sister was in actual danger. My dog, Twinkie, calmed down once we showed her that everything was alright, but it was comforting to know that if I was ever in trouble, she'd be ready to come to my rescue!



Loving Labradors are so loving and more than tolerant of being smothered by their owners. My large, six-year-old lab loves climbing into my lap (she thinks that she is still a puppy). She showers me in kisses and often enjoys to cuddle. One of her favorite spots to lay down is on my bed, which is beneath a window (providing the perfect combination of comfort and squirrel-entertainment). I love when she scrambles up onto the bed and plops down beside me. Petting her and laying with her is so relaxing!



Enthusiastic Labradors are a really fun breed to own if you want a dog who is energetic and enthusiastic! Labs love to play and are always ready for a fun game. My dog loves to be chased around the house while holding a toy in her mouth. She runs so whole-heartedly and it's more adorable than anything! Whenever she gets excited, she spins in circles and an unmistakable smile breaks out over her cute little face. Spending time with a lab is a surefire way to put you in a good and energized mood!



Patient Despite being high-energy, Labradors are surprisingly patient. They are not easily frustrated and never hold grudges. This tolerant and unconditional nature make it impossible to not fall head over heels for labs. My dog is so patient when she is waiting for food or waiting to be let in the house after going outside. She never howls at the door, but always gently jumps up hoping that someone will see her. Even in rare instances that she has accidentally been left outside for hours, she is always more than happy to see whoever finally lets her in.



Funny Labradors are the most adorable little clowns and it's impossible to not smile or laugh around them! My dog loves being silly and one of my favorite things is when she lies down on her back, and for no observable reason, rolls around on the floor. Meanwhile she also snorts and makes sounds that are similar to Chewbacca, causing my family to label this action as "The Wookiee." What I find even funnier about a Labrador's goofiness is how unaware and innocent they are of their own silliness! Even if you don't have a Labrador or a dog, search up funny dog videos on the internet. Your heart will surely be melted and you will undoubtedly crack a smile!



Gentle Even though Labradors come off as rambunctious and out-of-control, they are undeniably gentle. My boyfriend's dog, Dante, is a black lab and he loves to play a game where my boyfriend moves his feet really fast on the ground while Dante chases them. He told me to try playing with his dog and I was a little nervous, but when Dante put my foot in his mouth, he nibbled on them so gingerly that it tickled! I found it so sweet and remarkable that Dante was being conscious of his own strength and ensuring that he didn't hurt me. This is such a beautiful trait for a dog to have.


Hearts of Gold

Hearts of Gold All of the Labrador traits that I've listed above make for dogs with hearts of pure gold. They are always ready to please others. Sometimes I think about how sweet it is that my dog never holds a grudge against me and loves me unconditionally. Even if I yell at her for eating the trash or making off with one of my socks, seconds later she is happily by my side licking my face. It's such a comfort knowing that my doggy is always there for me at the end of the day!

What other kinds of dogs do you love? If you have a Labrador, does yours exhibit these same traits? Please put your thoughts in the comments!

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I have 2 Labs and I love them more than words can say. To Midnight Rose, I also have 4 cats and they get along fine. I got both my Labs as puppies though.

*yells at me

omg!!!! I am so happy to see this article ..loved especially the description that they are more than ready to take charge of a situation when they think you are in trouble.There are two things I want to add super possessive and attention seekers.

when i was a kid, the first dog i remember was a lab. i used to spend hours lying on the deck outside with him, he was such a gentle thing! The one thing i know about labs is how much they eat, they're eating machines haha 😅

I want a Labrador sooo bad!!!

I have a chocolate lab. she has a beautiful personality, kind, caring and loyal. she loves to play football with my son and she loves dive bombing in rivers, well anything to do with water, tiniest puddle and she's in it. I love this article very true all the way through.

Some of these dog pictures aren't even of labs... Lol

I just got my lab a few weeks ago and just love him!!! I am looking forward to a long and happy life together!! LabsRock!!

labs are smart and very therapeutic.

I thought my golden Labrador was the only dog to snort.. normally if he doesn't like something going on or said to him!!! he's also extremely patient with my 2 cats :-) and also children

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