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11 Types of Students You'll Meet in Lectures ...

By Neecey

When you’re in college, you’re going to meet lots of different types of student. You will most keenly observe the various types in lectures. While you’re eagerly trying to pay attention to the professor, certain students will offer distractions – some good, some annoying. Let’s see how many of these types of student you recognize.

1 The One That Spent Five Hours Doing Her Hair and Ten Minutes Doing Her Essays

This is one of the types of student we all meet, and there is usually more than one in class. These days there are usually just as many men that do it as women. They look as if they have just stepped out of a beauty salon.

2 The One That Wants to Answer All the Questions Because She Thinks She Knows It All

Why does she insist on answering all the questions? If she shut her yap for five seconds then others may get a word in edgeways. Why does she even turn up to lectures if she knows it all? Why doesn’t she just go home and spend all evening agreeing with herself?

3 The One That Spends Her Entire Time Flirting when Others Are Trying to Concentrate

Why does she treat the lecture like a single’s bar? It is even worse when she tries to flirt with the professor. She is one of the types of student where on the first day she turns up looking like a catwalk model (or she thinks she does), and by week three she is dressed two threads of cloth away from being a stripper. Her girlish laugh is so fake.

4 The One That Spends the Lecture on Her Phone and then Wants to Borrow Your Notes

The worst thing is that she is probably your friend, and she is alright at all other times. She is just annoying when she is in lectures.

5 The One That Treats the Lecture like a Fashion Show

Maybe it is not a great idea to look like you just crawled out of bed when you attend college or university, but you don’t have to look like you spent six hours getting ready either! College is supposed to be at least slightly informal, so why do some women feel the need to dress to impress every day?

6 The One That Looks Angry for No Good Reason

This is the girl that looks like she is having a bad day, every day. If she is not angry looking, then she looks downright miserable all the time.

7 The One That Read Ahead despite the Fact We Haven’t Covered It Yet

If we have not covered the topics yet, then why read so far ahead? She is another one that shouldn’t bother turning up to lectures because she knows it all. Maybe reading ahead on a chapter that is going to be covered is okay, but when she is on the other textbooks we haven’t even looked at yet, it starts to get a little silly.

8 The One That Asks Questions We Just Don’t Need the Answer to

Why does she do it? Is it just to get attention focused on her? Nobody else asks a question because the instructions were clear, and yet she asks something stupid such as where the essay pages should be numbered, top left or top right? It’s annoying, pointless, and a waste of time. By the middle of the term, most people dread her opening her mouth during lectures.

9 The One That Spends the Lecture Eating

She spends her time acting as if she is in the canteen. On a good day, she has a packet of candy. On a normal day she has sandwiches and chips.

10 The One with the Cough That Goes off Every 7 Seconds

There is always one, especially around winter, that insists on coughing at least every seven seconds. The worst thing is that it doesn’t bug you until you realize it is happening, and after that, it is enough to give you a headache.

11 The One That Turns up Late with the Giggles

The one that keeps turning up late is always annoying if you are trying to concentrate. It gets worse if she has the giggles. She is giggling to subtly broadcast the fact she was kissing (or more) a guy and that is why she is late, or that she has been smoking weed and is now in a giggly mood.

So now you know – how many have of these types of student have you encountered? Or even - fess up time – are you one of them?

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