11 Weirdest Crimes Committed You Won't Even Imagine ...


It’s a simple fact that people do unpredictable things but some of them actually take things to a whole another level and make history in the weirdest crimes committed. You would be surprised what people do and how ridiculous it sounds when reported in the news. Just take a look at this list of 11 weirdest crimes committed!

1. Man Attacks Girlfriend with a Banana

Phillip Joseph Smolinsky, 36 was arrested in Florida for attacking his girlfriend with a banana. Due to this fruit fight and resistance to the arrest, he was charged for domestic violence. His girlfriend claimed that he had thrown a banana at her but when questioned himself, he said that she threw the banana at him. The evidence of the fight was found when a deputy spotted a banana in the garbage and peels on the ground at the scene. This is definitely one of the weirdest crimes committed!

Boy Punches His Grandma
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