9 Cute Jokes about Kissing ...


If you've ever kissed a cutie, you know just how special it feels--and not just physically. There's also a mental component that'll help you connect to your partner better. After you've known each other for a while, certain types of kisses will let them know exactly how you're feeling without you having to say a word. It's the most intimate form of communication. The next time you want to get smooched, here are some jokes about kissing to tell your crush:

1. Kissing is like Real Estate

"The most important thing is: Location. Location. Location." You'd expect your grandmother to kiss you on the cheek, but you wouldn't want her to kiss you on the lips or the neck. That's just uncalled for! You only want to be kissed in certain spots by certain people, just like you only want your house to be in a certain spot.

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