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If you’re a fan of YouTube, you may have seen these funniest Dan and Phil videos. If you’ve never heard of them, danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil are two channels that you need to subscribe to immediately. They’re hysterical, hot British boys. What could be better than that? Here are the funniest Dan and Phil videos:

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How to Make British Pancakes

This one is pretty long, but it's one of the funniest Dan and Phil videos. Not only will it make you laugh, but it actually teaches you a valuable skill--how to make pancakes. If your stomach is grumbling, then bring your laptop into the kitchen, and cook along with them. By the end of the video, you'll have two new crushes and a delicious breakfast.


Dan and Phil Vs. Tumblr

If you have a Tumblr, you'll love this video. Dan and Phil scroll through a Tumblr tag in order to see what their fans have been saying about them. There are plenty of hysterical photos and awesome drawings that will make you as happy as it makes them.


Photobooth Challenge

The Photobooth Challenge consists of Dan and Phil trying to make themselves look silly on photobooth without laughing. The video captures their personalities perfectly, and will remind you of you and your best friend. After watching it, you might as well try the challenge yourself. You'll see just how difficult it is.


Innuendo Bingo

Dan and Phil started out on YouTube, but they've become pretty famous since they made their first videos. They have their own radio show, and guest star on other shows. In this video, they play a game called "Innuendo Bingo," where they listen to raunchy sound clips, and try to keep a straight face. If you don't feel like watching the setup, skip ahead to the two minute mark.


Would You Rather?

You've all played this game with your friends, but that doesn't make it any less exciting. See what Dan and Phil would rather do when faced with ridiculous scenarios. You can even play along with them, by answering the questions yourself. There's no reason to be left out of the fun.


A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil in London!

Once you've fallen in love with these two, you'll be dying to see what it's like to live with them. They're roommates, and best friends, so this video shows their friendship pretty well. Watch how they spend their day eating junk, and wasting time on the internet. Bonus: there's a clip of Dan shirtless in bed.


Dan and Phil React to Teens React to Dan and Phil

Reaction videos are always amazing. In this video, Dan and Phil react to a reaction video of them. It's interesting to see how they're viewed by strangers, and even more fascinating to watch their emotions as they watch people watching them. It sounds confusing, but soon you'll see how great it is.

These aren't the only funny Dan and Phil videos, of course. Head to YouTube right now to look up danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. They have dozens of amazing videos that you can spend all week watching, and you won't regret it. What's your absolute favorite video from Dan or Phil? Is it one of the ones listed here or something else?

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I was just looking through and I saw this I love dan and Phil so much when I saw hen my heart jumped AAA I can't stop screaming 😂

Too cute

love love you Dan And Phil so does my cousin sarah


don't bother watching this unless you are 12 yrs old

Phan is life😍😍


What about amazingdan and philisnotonfire lol

Haha love Dan and Phil

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