7 of the Worst Days in a Month ...


No matter how good your week is going, sometimes the worst days can just completely trump the good days. Although those days aren’t really that bad, it’s in our nature to be completely overdramatic about it. Even though they really aren’t as bad as we say they are, here are a few of the worst days in a month.

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The First Day of Your Period

One of the worst days, if not the worst day, of the month is the first day of your period. Your uterus feels like there’s a brick on top of it, your lower back feels like you’ve been lifting boxes all day, your thighs feel like you ran a 10 mile marathon, your head hurts, and your soul hurts. Although there are over the counter remedies to treat most of these symptoms, it still feels like your period could not have come at a worse time, like at the beginning of the work week or the night of a big event or just on any day in general. You feel lazy, nauseous, and bitter, and you can’t help but resent all men.


Bills Due

Another crappy day of the month is when your bills are due. For a lot of people, the end of the month usually means juggling their money from bank account to bank account, figuring out which companies will charge them the least amount of overdue fines, and trying to postpone as many bill payments as possible. Although that’s bad money management, it’s a sad truth amongst many people today.


Corporate Visit

Something most people find annoying are corporate visits. Everyone dresses in their Sunday best and puts on their biggest fake smile. For one day only, everyone is best friends in the office and everything operates smoothly. Although it’s smiles and giggles the day of, usually a week of preparation took place for the day to run smoothly. Even worse, everyone is nervous and your boss is probably more strung out than usual.


The Night before a Final Assignment

Many college professors let their class know about major assignments and their due dates during the first week of school. However, even with a whole semester’s notice beforehand, many students don’t start working on their assignments until the last week of the semester. I guess most people work well under pressure because it’s only the night before the due date when most of the research, writing, and editing get done. Procrastination will get you every time!



Whether it is in front your classmates or your superiors at work, presentations are always the worst for most people. Mastering public speaking, using your memorization skills, having flawless speech, and maintaining perfect posture all while being engaging is mentally draining. I don’t know what’s worse though... the actual presentation or the hours leading up to it.


In-laws Visiting

You love your partner and you’re grateful to his/her parents for raising such an awesome person; regardless, you want your in-laws to stay the hell away from you at all times. They might not be bad people necessarily, but you usually have to present the absolute best version of yourself in front of them, which takes a lot of effort you don’t really want to put in. And even then, you might score a quick death stare from your mother-in-law.


Friday the 13th

The actual day itself isn’t bad. I’m sure most people don’t even have anything bad happen to them. But Friday the 13th can be the worst day in the month if you have a superstitious friend or family member. All of the sudden, running down the stairs is like having a death wish or every innocent crow in your backyard is an impending omen. You are basically miserable for an entire day while being hawked over by a loved one.

The worst days of the month can suck, but they’re only as bad as you make them. Try to find the silver lining in every situation and keep on trucking! What are some other bad days in the month?

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A marathon is 26.2 miles, therefore the statement '10 mile marathon' does not make sense

I expected the first one the first time I saw this post

u could've mentioned Monday's or rent due. Friday the 13th doesn't happen every month.

be happy your periods gone. lol congrats! \/ \/

the day(s) just before payday

or the day of a full moon. that's when the idiots come out. 👻

this is so true! all of it!

I lost my period and I would do anything to get it back....help

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