9 Funny Comebacks to the "Why Are You Still Single?" Question ...


When you're stuck at a family reunion or with a group of married friends, you'll probably need some comebacks to the "Why are you still single?" question. For some reason, most people don't realize that it's entirely possible to be happy alone. They assume that you need to find a mate in order to feel fulfilled, and it's about time to show them that they've been believing a lie. Here are some clever comebacks to the "Why are you still single?" question:

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How Are You Still Married?

Turn the question around on them. With such a rude attitude, it's a surprise that they're in any sort of relationship. How on earth does their mate put up with them? This is one of the greatest comebacks to the "Why are you still single?" question, because it'll put them on the spot instead of you.


The Love of My Life is a Fictional Character

You can admit it--the men in your life aren't nearly as impressive as the ones you read about. You want to be with Augustus Waters, not the disgusting dudes in your town. You won't settle for anything less than perfect, which is why you only fall for fictional men.


I'm Single by Choice. Just Not My Choice

Why not be honest? All the guys you're interested in aren't interested in you. It's not your fault you're single. It's theirs. Tell the person questioning you that they should go talk to your crush about turning you down instead of wasting your time.


Why? Are You Interested?

Why is your mother so concerned about your love life, anyway? Unless she wants to score the grossest date of her life, she should mind her own business.


I'm Waiting for Your Boyfriend to Break up with You

Surprise them by admitting that the love of your life is their very own boyfriend. It'll keep them on their toes, and shut them up once and for all.


Just Lucky, I Guess

Why does everyone assume that you're unhappy as a single woman? Show them that you're proud to be unattached. There's nothing wrong with it, so stand tall.


Because You Haven't Proposed Yet

Get a little cheeky by throwing this line back at them. If you say it to a family member, they'll laugh, and if you say it to a hot stranger, it could land you a hot date. Either way, they'll never see it coming, so make sure you cherish the look of surprise on their face.


I Already Have Enough Laundry to do

When you're in a relationship, you have to do pesky things like support each other and help each other out with chores. Well, you already have enough on your plate. No sense in making more work for yourself. You're better off staying single.


My Prince Charming is Bad with Directions

Life isn't exactly like a fairytale. Mr. Right isn't going to throw rocks at your window whilst riding a white stallion. He's probably stuck in traffic somewhere, but you'll meet him eventually.

Being unattached is nothing to be ashamed about. The next time that someone comments on your single status, use one of these comebacks to make sure they realize you're sick of their questions. What do you usually say when people ask you why you're not married or in a relationship yet?

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Number five is brilliant

Number 2 describes my life

Agreed Gabby :] x

Cool answers !!!!! I will say no.5 with F and no.6 with M

I love wht some of responses r specially the one I am waiting on ur boyfriend 2 leave u.

I love 5, 6, 7 & 9. Cool! Nice article :)

OMG!! Awesome!

Number 2 describes my life

No.5 ? Thats mean . The whole article itself is funny though

Loved the last one!

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