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Online dating photos really are the pictures that tell a thousand words. It’s no longer love at first sight; now it's love at first site. More and more of us single folks are dabbling in online dating as a means for crossing paths with our potential suitor. Unfortunately, people are clicking and flicking through profiles faster than ever, so men need to be careful about what their online dating photos are saying about them. Here are a few online dating photos they should avoid uploading.

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Pillow Talk

One of the worst online dating photos is the ‘in bed selfie.’ I’m referring to the PG version. Here the guy takes a selfie photo of himself from the chest upwards while he is laying in his bed. I’m not sure about the motivation behind this, but it reeks of innuendo and generally leaves me shaking my head, and out of principle, automatically flicking to the next guy.


Scratched out Ex

Looking at your potential suitor with his arm wrapped around another woman with her face all pixelated or completely scratched out just doesn’t seem right. Is this guy trying to prove to me that he is capable of sustaining a relationship? Is this photo a prompt for a woman to PhotoShop her face into the photo? Come on guys, you are on a singles site, don’t drag the ex-cess baggage along for the ride.


‘Catch of the Day’

Blokes always feel compelled to have a photo of themselves catching a huge fish or standing in front of their motorbike. While not a deal breaker photo, it doesn't inspire me to start the keyboard tap dance. Guys, if you team this photo with a scratched out ex or pillow talk shot, it's likely you may lose your ‘catch of the day’ in cyberspace.


Black and White

They say the difference between erotica and porn is lighting; I say the difference is color. Everything looks different, better, more mysterious in black and white. Mix in color and it loses its charm. Same with men: black and white photos provoke an illusion, change the lighting and turn up the color and suddenly you are left with an average Joe.


Action Shots

‘Action shots’ are everywhere! I can bet my bottom dollar that virtually every online single man can either surf, or snowboard, or perform motocross stunts... the list goes on. I often wonder if it is really truly them in the photos. I can never actually see these guys’ faces. Impressive? Absolutely. Credible? Not so sure.

Famous Quotes

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Timeless Classics?

So I’ve checked out a guy's profile and he is now in his mid-thirties. So why are there only photos of him back in his twenties? Whenever I see outdated photos, I envision a guy who is either living in the past, or has something to hide about his present. So listen up men: if you want to date women in the here and now, keep the photos current.


Deer in the Headlights

Ah, the ‘deer in the headlights’ shot. In this scenario Mr. Available takes a photo of himself using the webcam. It’s kind of like he's running through the online dating mandatory requirements checklist. He just takes a shot and it's usually one where he looks stunned, like someone has flashed a torch in his face. For some reason, the stunned look always makes a guy look a bit needy.

I’ve provided a bunch of advice about online dating photos men should try to avoid. So, what does work? Full body shots, a relaxed and happy face and a smile that meets the eyes are all winners. All the single ladies out there, do you have any thoughts? Which online dating photos work for you?

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when I was in the dating scene and I had a POF account I would actually avoid guys with shirtless pictures. they might be gorgeous men but seriously, nothing screams desperate to spread his most recent STI than a shirtless pic.

I agree with Jenna on this one. And also group photos where you don't have a clue which guy is the one on the site.

lol this is funny.

Every guy in the online dating scene needs to read this!!

smile pictures are the best pictures on dating profiles

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