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There are Neil Patrick Harris videos that will make you fall in love with him, if you haven't already done so. Whether he's on stage hosting, or sitting down during a television interview, he knows exactly what to say and do. He steals the spotlight in every situation, and he deserves the attention. If there's any doubt in your mind that he's not the greatest guy out there, here are some Neil Patrick Harris videos that will prove how legendary he is:

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Reenacting the Oscars with Ellen

NPH and Ellen Degeneres reenacted Oscar nominated movies in the funniest way possible. They're the two most likable people on the planet, so it's impossible to watch this video without a smile. If you loved Inception, 127 Hours, or The Social Network, then you'll appreciate the scenes they act out. This is one of the best Neil Patrick Harris videos because it shows off his acting abilities and his silly side.


Singing with Hugh Jackman

Neil has hosted the Tony Awards multiple times, and he never disappoints. He always performs multiple numbers, showing that he can do more than just act. He's also a pro at hosting and dancing and singing. To put it simply, anything you can do, he can do better.


Running with Billy on the Street

If you’ve never seen Billy on the Street, prepare your eardrums. He runs down streets in the city, with Neil Patrick Harris in tow, while asking questions of random people he sees. Their reactions are always amusing, because they never expect to be bombarded by stars.


Bollywood from Neil's Puppet Dreams

There are multiple videos about "Neil's Puppet Dreams." This one incorporates his amazing singing voice, but the others are just as great. If you enjoy this one, then look up the rest of the series on YouTube. Some of them are pretty bizarre, but that's what makes them so funny.


Couple's Questions on the Chew

This is more adorable than funny, but it’s definitely worth watching. Neil and his fiance, David Burtka, appeared on The Chew together, and answered questions about their relationship. The episode was run similar to the Newlywed Game, so if you’re a fan of the show, you have to watch this. There’s no cuter couple out there.


Singing the Confrontation Song

This is an older video, but it never stops being entertaining. Neil sings with his costar, Jason Segel, from How I Met Your Mother. Recently, on an episode of Inside the Actor's Studio, Neil and Jason sing the song once again. The second version is longer, so look it up if you're interested in seeing it performed years later.


Silly Bandz with Craig Ferguson

This clip is a little raunchy, but it’s short. When NPH appeared on Craig Ferguson’s show, he brought out a pack of Silly Bandz. They come in all different, colors, shapes, and sizes, and Neil used them to his advantage.

NPH is a legendary actor, singer, dancer, host, magician, father--the list goes on and on. These videos only show a snippet of his talent. There are so many more shows, commercials, and interviews to watch that will make you love him more and more. What is your favorite Neil Patrick Harris moment of all time?

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Wow! I really like him as Barney Stinson! I love everything about BARNEY!! :))

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