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What Happens when You Combine Real Life with Movie Scenes?

By Vanessa

Ever wondered what your favorite movie characters would look like if they were spotted somewhere in your hometown? François Dourlen, a France-based teacher, has brought that fantasy to life!

Basically, he takes photos of things that remind him of scenes in famous movies/shows/games. Using his iPhone, he pulls up a photo from the scene and then combines it with real life by holding up his phone and shooting it with a separate camera. The results are SO awesome. Check it out:

1 Mario

MarioMario's got moves!

2 Breaking Bad

Breaking BadWalter White fans, I know you'll appreciate this one!


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3 The Lion King

The Lion KingThis one's genius.

4 Titanic

TitanicSmaller boat than you remembered, huh? LOL.

5 Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack SparrowThis is what Captain Jack Sparrow does on his days off.

6 Aristocats

AristocatsThis is one of my favorite scenes from the movie!

7 E.t

E.tIs E.T. finally phoning home?!

8 Superman

SupermanSuperman won't let go!

10 Minion

MinionLOL, this one's one of my favorites!

Which one was your favorite? If you want to see more, check out François' page!

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