Modern Harry Potter Spells That Would Make a Woman's Life Easier ...


Expelliarmus might be good for disarming a girl from her lipstick. Petrificus totalis could be just the spell you need when you want to get away from that guy in the bar who just won’t stop hitting on you. But really, how many times will you need to shout alarte ascendare to get rid of a snake from your floor? And although I do admit accio would come in very useful on quite a few occasions (lost keys, misplaced phone, lost kid …), we modern girls need modern spells to cope with the modern world. Spells just like these:

1. Puckerus Lippicus

Puckerus Lippicus

Naturally it means “kiss me” so a simple flick of your wand will have your mate puckering up for a smacker.

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