7 of America's Strangest Laws ...


You can spend hours laughing at America's strangest laws.You have to sit back and wonder how these laws came into effect. It is actually quite possible that you have broken several laws in your state that you never even knew about. The good news is that half of these aren’t even enforced because police have better things to do with their time. So let’s sit back and laugh at some of America’s strangest laws.

1. In Alabama, It is Illegal to Play Dominoes on a Sunday

One of America’s strangest laws is that you cannot play dominoes on Sundays. According to Alabama Criminal Code (Section 13A-12-1), it is illegal to race, hunt or play cards or dominoes on a Sunday. A person can be charged anywhere from $10 to $100, jailed, or forced to do hard labor for no more than three months. This law was enforced so people were forced to stay in on Sundays and spend time with their family.

In Alaska, No Child is Allowed to Build a Snowman Taller than Himself/herself on School Property
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