9 Silly Euphemisms for Your Period to Use during That Time of the Month ...


During that time of the month, you might as well use euphemisms for your period in order to brighten your day. Do whatever you can to make yourself smile, because the unceasing cramps and unbearable pain can tear you down. You have to keep a positive attitude if you want to make it through the week without going crazy. Here are some silly euphemisms for your period that might ease the pain a bit, or at least make the day go by faster:

1. Shark Week

You probably don't want to dive into the ocean, since sharks are attracted to blood and all. However, during that time of the month, we sometimes start to act a bit like our underwater friends. We aren't going to devour human flesh, but we might get a bit vicious. It's just our nature, which is why this is one of the best euphemisms for your period.

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