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You Will Not Believe These Hilarious Retro Ads ...

By Eliza

Whether you laugh because they are so outrageous or because they are meant to be funny, these ads are going to be good for a chuckle or two. Times have certainly changed! Have fun seeing just how much!

Table of contents:

  1. When i was skinny
  2. Cube morphine
  3. Vitamin doughnuts
  4. Vintage losing weight scam ad
  5. If you love your husband you will keep your complexion lovely
  6. A meal in itself
  7. How to trap a man
  8. Now her happiness is complete
  9. Midol in the 1970s
  10. Old school razor campaign
  11. 7-up for babies!?
  12. How was this ever a good name for a candy bar?
  13. No more "morning mouth"
  14. Kind of mind boggling
  15. Anacin
  16. Cry a little
  17. Squirt soda
  18. Gay dogs?
  19. The one-piece stretch terry jumpsuit
  20. Ginger ale
  21. Old time propaganda
  22. Complete feminine hygiene
  23. Men love fannies
  24. Eating lard
  25. Pep vitamins
  26. Orgy! who wants to play?!
  27. Old candy store sign
  28. When you can't wait for your dinner
  29. Love apricots
  30. Sega gaming system
  31. Hilarious vintage ad
  32. These asthma cigarettes are not recommended for children under six
  33. Well stacked sno-balls
  34. Accidental sexual innuendo
  35. Thanks for the garbage disposal
  36. If you happen to think that hair is fashionable
  37. Drink one large bottle before bedtime and call me in the morning
  38. Selling shame
  39. 55% of your daily protein needs
  40. Talking tampons
  41. Windex
  42. Pyrex as "man bait!"
  43. Old adds for men
  44. Kraft cheese spread cartoon
  45. Beating your wife and boring meals in the same sentence
  46. Cola ad
  47. "calling all chubbies!"
  48. Nobody wants a scale
  49. Nervous b.o
  50. I can cure homosexuality in just 10 days
  51. If you didn't use the right soap your girlfriends would gossip about you behind your back

1 When I Was Skinny

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2 Cube Morphine

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3 Vitamin Doughnuts

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4 Vintage Losing Weight Scam Ad

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5 If You Love Your Husband You Will Keep Your Complexion Lovely

Source: 10 More Retro Ads That

6 A Meal in Itself

Source: Burger King posters from the

7 How to Trap a Man

Source: Miss Meadows' Pearls - Fashion

8 Now Her Happiness is Complete

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9 Midol in the 1970s

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10 Old School Razor Campaign

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11 7-up for Babies!?

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12 How Was This Ever a Good Name for a Candy Bar?

Source: 17 Vintage Ads That Would

13 No More "morning Mouth"

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14 Kind of Mind Boggling


15 Anacin

Source: 10 Retro Ads That Made

16 Cry a Little

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17 Squirt Soda

Source: Out Of This World! Squirt

18 Gay Dogs?


19 The One-piece Stretch Terry Jumpsuit

Source: 25 Outrageous Fashion Ads From

20 Ginger Ale

Source: 35 Vintage Advertisements -

21 Old Time Propaganda

Source: Remember Cigarette Ads

22 Complete Feminine Hygiene


23 Men Love Fannies

Source: 17 Vintage Ads That Would

24 Eating Lard

Source: The Most Ridiculous Health &

25 Pep Vitamins

Source: Community Post: 13 Vintage Ads

26 Orgy! Who Wants to Play?!

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27 Old Candy Store Sign


28 When You Can't Wait for Your Dinner

Source: The outrageously politically incorrect adverts

29 Love Apricots

Source: Go Retro!: Vintage Ads That

30 Sega Gaming System

Source: 23 Vintage Ads That Would

31 Hilarious Vintage Ad

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32 These Asthma Cigarettes Are Not Recommended for Children under Six

Source: 22 Vintage Adverts That Would

33 Well Stacked Sno-Balls

Source: Found in Mom's Basement: Creepy

34 Accidental Sexual Innuendo

Source: 6 Retro Ads With Accidental

35 Thanks for the Garbage Disposal

Source: Vintage Christmas Advertisements - THE

36 If You Happen to Think That Hair is Fashionable


37 Drink One Large Bottle before Bedtime and Call Me in the Morning

Source: Neat Designs – 20 Extremely

38 Selling Shame

Source: Selling Shame: 20 Outrageously Offensive

39 55% of Your Daily Protein Needs


40 Talking Tampons

Source: Curiosities: Horrible Vintage Ads

41 Windex

Source: Vintage Ads - April 11th

42 Pyrex as "man Bait!"

Source: 11 Dec 1948 - The

43 Old Adds for Men


44 Kraft Cheese Spread Cartoon

Source: Vintage Food Advertisements of the

45 Beating Your Wife and Boring Meals in the Same Sentence

Source: A CUP OF JO: Vintage

46 Cola Ad

Source: 26 Shockingly Offensive Vintage Ads

47 "Calling All Chubbies!"

Source: Fall in Love With These

48 Nobody Wants a Scale

Source: 12 Retro Christmas Ads To

49 Nervous B.o

Source: 10 More Retro Ads That

50 I Can Cure Homosexuality in Just 10 Days

Source: Smart Chicks Commune

51 If You Didn't Use the Right Soap Your Girlfriends Would Gossip about You behind Your Back

Source: Selling Shame: 20 Outrageously Offensive
Offensive or funny? Maybe funny because what else can you do but laugh at something that was actually totally acceptable at one time? I'm not sure I would have liked being a woman in the past. What about you?

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