9 Classy 👏🏼 Ways to Say You're on Your Period 🙊 ...


No one will know that you're on your period unless you tell them, which is normally a positive thing. However, if you're dating a guy who's trying to touch you below the belt, or if your friends are wondering why you've been so moody, then you might want to let them know it's your time of the month. Since saying that you're on your period sounds so bland and boring, there are other ways you can divulge of the information. Here are a few of the classiest ways to say you're on your period:

1. My Oven is in Cleaning Mode

Your period might feel like a pointless form of torture. However, it's really the time when your body sheds pieces of itself that it no longer needs, which is what makes this phrase pretty accurate.

My Girl Has Started Her Monthly Job
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