7 Holiday Themed Pick-up Lines ...


If you see a hottie while shopping for gifts and gadgets at the mall, there are holiday-themed pick-up lines that you should use. They don't make sense during any other time of year, so make sure to use them while you still can. If they don't land you a date, they'll at least help you start up a conversation with a cutie, and what's the harm in that? Here are some of the best holiday-themed pick-up lines to use this winter:

1. Can I Take a Picture of You, so I Can Show Santa Exactly What I Want for Christmas?

You can't get much sweeter than this. If someone would rather have you for Christmas than a brand-new laptop or a gift card to Sephora, then you know that they're the real deal. This is one of the best holiday-themed pick-up lines, because it's as equally sweet as it is silly.

Let's Be Naughty Together and save Santa the Trip
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