9 Ridiculous Excuses for when You Forget Your Homework ...


Now that school's starting, you'll need excuses for when you forget your homework.

If you just do the work that's assigned then you won't have an issue, but there will always be days when it slips your mind.

You'll risk getting in even more trouble if you actually use these excuses for when you forget your homework, but you can still daydream about using them, or tell them to your friends when they ask why you're slacking.2

1. Kanye West Ripped It up, Because He Thought Beyonce’s Homework Was Better

Pretend you're Taylor Swift for the day.

Blame Kanye for stealing your homework, because he's done so many other crazy things in the past.2

This is one of the best excuses for when you forget your homework, because all of your classmates will understand the reference.

If your teacher is hip, then even she'll know what you're talking about.

2. Aliens Took It as a Sample of Human Handwriting

You can't say no to an alien, can you?

If one of them wants to study your handwriting, then you have to agree.2

After all, it's more important to stay alive than to hand in your assignment on time.

3. My Friend Made a Paper Airplane out of It and It Landed on the Roof

This excuse lets your teacher know that you actually did do your homework, but it's just not in your possession at the moment.

Getting it back is out of your hands, unless they have a ladder you can borrow.

4. My Mother Took It to Have It Framed

You did your homework, and your entire household is proud.

Can you blame them for framing your hard work?

Your teacher should be delighted.

5. You Said to do Questions 1-10. You Didn't Say to Bring Them in

If your teacher didn't clarify, it's her own fault.

She should've known that her students would get confused.

Next time, she should explain things more clearly.

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