13 Ridiculous 60s Slang Words to Bring Back ...

By Holly

13 Ridiculous 60s Slang Words to Bring Back ...

There are some '60s slang words that shouldn't be forgotten as the years pass. They may sound silly, but we currently use some pretty ridiculous words ourselves. There's no reason to let perfectly good phrases from the past go out of style when there's still use for them today. Here are some of the best '60s slang words to try to slip into a conversation:

Table of contents:

  1. out of sight
  2. choice
  3. don't flip your wig
  4. a gas
  5. you dig?
  6. hacked
  7. right on
  8. skuzz
  9. bummed out
  10. square
  11. threads
  12. hip
  13. flick

1 Out of Sight

If you're sick of saying "awesome" and "cool," try to shake it up a bit. This is one of the '60s slang words that you can use as soon as your favorite celebrity pops on the TV or your friends give you some good news. Anytime something good happens, spit out the phrase.

2 Choice

If you see a guy that you're interested in seeing, you can refer to him as "choice." It simply means that he's someone you could imagine yourself dating. He'd be your first choice.

3 Don't Flip Your Wig

Instead of telling someone to "relax," use this phrase. Who knows, it might actually calm them down by making them laugh. It's worth a shot.

4 A Gas

This word used to mean "to have fun." After coming home from a stellar party, you could say that the night was a gas. It's a way to let everyone know that you had the time of your life.

5 You Dig?

This means, "do you understand?" So the next time you help your friend with homework, make sure to ask them if they dig.

6 Hacked

Instead of saying that you're furious about your puppy chewing apart your pocketbook, say that you're hacked. You couldn't be angrier, and this word is the way to show it.

7 Right on

This means that you agree with what someone has said. If your mother tells you that Daryl is her favorite character on The Walking Dead, say "right on" to prove that you agree.

8 Skuzz

Only use this word to describe someone or something you cannot stand. It should be reserved for the most disgusting, revolting people you know.

9 Bummed out

When you're upset, say that you're bummed out. If your favorite singer cancels the concert you had tickets for, you can call it a bummer.

10 Square

If your friend refuses to go to a party with you because they would rather stay home to watch a documentary, call them a square. It's an insult that means that they're too uncool for your taste.

11 Threads

Head to the store to buy some new threads. It's a word that means clothes, but let's face it, it sounds way cooler.

12 Hip

If your square friend suddenly decides to throw a party, you can switch to calling her hip. It means cool, and is one of the highest compliments one can receive.

13 Flick

If you want to go to the movies, say that you want to catch a flick. It sounds more casual than "film" and more exciting than "movie."

Since time travel isn't invented yet, the only way to feel like you're back in the '60s is by using its slang. Some of these words sound ridiculous to our ears, but they were popular during their day. What's your favorite slang word to use from any century?

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