7 Funny Excuses for Not Texting Someone Back ...


7 Funny Excuses for Not Texting Someone Back ...
7 Funny Excuses for Not Texting Someone Back ...

Even though your phone is always attached to you, it's easy to ignore your friend's messages, which is why you should have some funny excuses for not texting back. Maybe you got bored with the conversation or maybe you actually forgot to reply, but either way, your friend will want to know what happened. That's why these funny excuses for not texting back will come in handy sooner than you think:

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I Was so Excited You Texted Me That I Fainted

When you don't reply to your friend's messages, they might be self-conscious and wonder why you don't like them enough to say anything back. That's why this is one of the funny excuses for not texting back that you should use. It'll let them know that you were actually excited about hearing from them, and will boost their confidence back to where it belongs.


I Read That Texting Ruins Your Relationships

You love your friend too much to let your entire relationship exist over texting. You want to talk to them in person, not through a phone. If they get angry with you for not replying to an important message, then this is the best response to use, because it'll make them reconsider how thoughtful you are.


Doctor Put Drops in My Eyes. Totally Couldn't See All Day

You can't text if you can't see. It's not your fault that your eye sight is bad and your doctor felt the need to put drops in your eyes, so your pal can't blame you. If she does, then she's trying to put your friendship in front of your health, and that's just rude.


Was Driving. You Don't Want Me to Die, do You?

You already know that you should never, ever text and drive. If you tell your friend that you were driving home, then she can't be mad at you for taking a few hours to respond. Of course, if you're too young to drive or only take buses, this reply won't be as believable as you want it to be.


I Wrote a Reply but Forgot to Press Send

How many times has this actually happened to you? Either you wrote a reply without pressing send, or you just came up with a reply in your head without even typing it out, then you sit around waiting for your friend to text you back. It's a common mistake, which is why it's a great excuse.


All My Fingers Just Happened to Break Simultaneously

If you're going to see her later in the day, you'll have to hide your hands in your pockets the whole time. But if she lives far away, she'll never know the difference. You're clumsy enough for the story to be true, after all.


In this article, the author explores the humorous excuses people come up with for not texting someone back. The focus is on women and their use of gadgets, such as phones, to communicate. The sixth excuse listed is about breaking all fingers simultaneously, making it impossible to text. This excuse may seem extreme, but it is relatable to those who are clumsy or have had similar experiences. It also highlights the importance of technology in modern relationships and the pressure to always be available. Overall, the article provides a lighthearted take on the common issue of not responding to texts.


I Was Probably Eating

If you're not sure why you didn't reply to her messages, then take a guess. If you tend to get distracted by a nice meal, then tell her that you were probably eating. If you usually spend time binging American Horror Story, then tell her you were too focused on the TV. You can't go wrong with honesty.

Texting is fast and easy, but sometimes we don't want to be bothered with it. Your friend might be annoyed she didn't get an answer, but there will be a time when she won't answer you. It happens. What excuse do you use for not texting back?

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I am likely to say any between no; 4-6, but my one is usually ' its my battery!'

Recipient will either feel tickled or feel pissed

Or just say got busy or preoccupied with something if it's that important they will phone directly it's ok to go a hour or two without replying.

I absolutely love the first one and will now use it all the time

The last one (eating) will most likely be true in my case!

😊 have a sense of humour. Haha x

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