9 Harry Potter Pick-up Lines That'll Work on Any Potterhead ...


If you've read every book and seen all of the films, you're going to love using Harry Potter pick-up lines. You don't have to forget about your love of Hogwarts, just because J.K. Rowling supposedly finished writing about the school. You can still reference it as much as you'd like by using these Harry Potter pick-up lines. If you use them on a fellow fan, they're sure to fall for you.

1. My Name May Not Be Luna, but I Sure Know How to Lovegood

There are so many character names that are great material for puns. If Luna is your favorite one, then you'll consider this the best of all the Harry Potter pick-up lines. It's heavily suggestive, but no one will find it scandalous when you're simply referencing one of the most beloved female characters in the novels.

Going to Bed? Mind if I Slytherin?
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