Try a Humorous Reply when Someone Asks "How Are You?" ...


People tend to ask the same questions whenever you see them, which is why you should have a few different replies to "How are you?" You don't want to give the same, bland answer all the time.

Your friends will expect you to say "fine" or "good," so shake things up by providing an unexpected answer.

Here are some of the most humorous replies to "How are you?"

1. I'm Better on the inside than I Look on the outside

This one works well when you're still in your pajamas or are having a bad hair day.

You don't want others to assume that you feel as horrible as you look, so this is the way to set them straight.

It's one of the best replies to "How are you?"

2. Can't Complain... I've Tried, but No One Listens

"Can't complain" is a normal response to the question, but by throwing in the following sentence, you should get a laugh.

I mean, no matter how amazing our lives are, there's always something to complain about.

It's impossible for things to be perfect.

3. Hopefully Not as Good as I'll Ever Be

This one is a bit depressing, which is why you should watch when you use it.

It's best to say when you're in a horrible situation, like in a class you can't stand.

4. If I Was Any Better, Vitamins Would Be Taking Me

Here's one to use when you're having a spectacular day.

Things can't get much better and you want the world to know.

Of course, you don't want to brag, which is why this funny line is useful.

5. Okay. I'd Be Better if You Asked Me out

If your crush asks you how you are, you might as well be honest.

Let them know that you're itching to go on a date.

Who knows, they might just do it.

If I Was Any Finer, I'd Be China
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