7 Clever Shakespearean Insults to Add to Your Vocabulary ...


There are dozens of Shakespearean insults out there, which you can find in any of the great writer's plays. While you don't want to pick fights with friends in order to use these sayings, you can use them playfully. Just make sure that your friends realize that you're joking, so that you don't lose your BFF. Here are some of the best Shakespearean insults to try to throw out during your next conversation:

1. As You like It

If you're sick of being friends with someone, say, "I do desire we may be better strangers." It lets them know that you'd rather have them out of your life than in it. They're doing nothing for you, so why would you want to associate with them? This is one of the Shakespearean insults that tells it like it is.

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