7 Silly Slang Terms from the '50s to Bring Back ...


Every time period has something good to offer, which is why there are slang terms from the '50s that should be brought back. The words may sound silly now, but think of all of the odd modern terms we have like 'selfie' and 'twerk.' The only reason those phrases don't sound strange to us is because we're familiar with them. Here are some slang terms from the '50s that you'll find silly, although they're no weirder than some of the things we currently say:

1. Backseat Bingo

Have you ever walked through a parking lot, only to catch two people making out in a car? Well, that's what backseat bingo is. It's one of the silly slang terms from the '50s that we could still use today if we wanted to. You'll see just as many couples kissing in cars today as you would've seen decades ago. Not everything changes as much as we believe it does.

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