7 Adorably Silly Quotes about Being a Bride ...

Whether you're engaged to the love of your life or you just enjoy daydreaming about walking down the aisle in the future, you'll find the following quotes about being a bride absolutely adorable. I mean, who wouldn't want to wear a gorgeous dress while their entire family admires their beauty? Plus, it would be pretty awesome to find a guy you love enough to spend the rest of your life with. If you can't stop thinking about your big day, here are some of the best quotes about being a bride that'll make you smile:

1. Stealing Sweetly

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It's never nice to take something without asking, unless you're capturing someone's heart and cherishing it like it's a trophy. If you've found a guy who's managed to steal your heart, then you're just going to have to steal his last name. It's only fair, so he certainly shouldn't mind the trade.

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