7 Funny College Movies All Students Should Watch ...

Whether you're getting ready to attend college as a freshman or are already enrolled, there are funny college movies you should watch. Life is never like what we see on the big screen, but there are plenty of similarities. There's always going to be drama, comedy, and romance involved--which all of these films have plenty of. Here are some funny college movies that you should watch when you're all finished with your homework:

1. Accepted

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Eventually, everyone worries about getting accepted to their dream school. Justin Long plays a kid who gets rejected from every college he applies to, so he decides to create his own university. He creates a fake website for the school, and then creates an entirely fake building from a piece of property he finds, all to trick his parents into believing he's a success. This is one of the funny college movies that you should watch at least once--but you'll probably want to watch it again.

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